Neal Turner




I was born in 1964, in Miami, Florida. After receiving an MA in International Relations from the University of South Florida in 1995, I moved to Paris, France. I currently live in Nice, in the South of France. When I moved to Paris, I was working as a screenwriter, but as soon as I discovered that I could sell my paintings over the internet, I concentrated solely on painting. That was in 2001.


My first solo exhibition was in 2000, in a small gallery in Nice. Over the years, I've had several solo and group exhibitions, and my work is now in numerous corporate and private collections across the world.


The director Tony Randel featured several of my paintings in the film, "The Double Born" in 2008. I participated, with Judith Wolberink Gallery, in the Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam in 2014, did three paintings for an exhibition organized in 2012 by the Mayor of the town of La Gaude, in the South of France, several paintings for two hotels in Paris, and for the album and cd covers of musicians. 


A portrait I did of Catherine Tanvier, a friend and former Top Women's French Tennis Player (Number One in France, 16th in the world) was featured in L'Equipe Magazine in 2011. My work was also featured in Downtown L.A. Life Magazine in 2009. My work has appeared in numerous online and print publications.


In 2012, I donated work to the Centre Universitaire Mediterraneen de Nice (The Mediterranean University Center of Nice) for an Earthquake Aid Auction for the people of Haiti.


One of my pieces became part of the permanent collection of the Douro Museum in Portugal, after I participated in the 6th International Printmaking Biennial in Douro in 2012.


Several of my works were featured on Saatchi Art over the years, and in 2017 I did a few pieces for their first catalogue of limited edition prints.


You can see the work I have for sale here:


Current Work







2018      Carrasco Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

2016      Art Nice Editions, Nice, France

2014      Judith Wolberink Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2013      Art Nice Editions, Nice, France

2012      Art La Gaude, La Gaude, France

               6th International Printmaking Biennial, Douro, Portugal

               Art Nice Editions, Nice, France

               Art Expression, Dubendorf, Switzerland

2011      Art Nice Editions, Nice, France
               Art Expression, Dubendorf, Switzerland
2010      Art Nice Editions, Nice, France
               Art Expression, Dubendorf, Switzerland
               Centre Universitaire Mediterraneen, Nice, France
2007      Oliver Galerie d'Art, Gainesville, Georgia
2006      Oliver Galerie d'Art, Gainesville, Georgia
2005      Oliver Galerie d'Art, Gainesville, Georgia
2004      Memories on Market LLC Gallery, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
               Sparr Gallery, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
2003      Oliver Galerie d'Art, Gainesville, Georgia
2002      Max Galerie d'Art, Nice, France
2001      Max Galerie d'Art, Nice, France
2000      Galerie Alta, Nice, France



Selected Press and Other Media



2017      Saatchi Gallery Limited Editions

2016      B Metro Magazine

2015      KahL Coral

2014      Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam

2012      Moulin Review, Vol. 3

2011      Art Tails

               A Time for Love

               L'Equipe Magazine

2010      Soul Eyes
2009      Downtown LA Life Magazine
               The Artistic Jazz Workshop
2008      The Double Born




Public Collections



Douro Museum, Peso da Régua, Portugal