New America


In 2017 Jerry Saltz wrote, "Anyone can take anything from me... Artists use materials. Writing is material," and I began experimenting with his writing. New America is the result of those experiments. It was created with text from Mr. Saltz's articles, beginning with "War and Peace," published in 1998, and ending with "Floundering," published in 2005, by deleting and editing, changing names and places (changing as little as I thought possible)... Somehow, it turned into a SciFi novel about two artists during and after the environment collapses. It's available at Amazon in e-book format or as a paperback. I contacted Mr. Saltz by email when I had completed the first final version and he replied, "It's all yours. You wrote it. Good luck!!! Frank Stella." I can't take credit for writing the novel, but thank you, Jerry Saltz. 


Publishing on Amazon allows me the freedom to change the novel and upload a new version at will, which I have done and may do again in the future. It is an ongoing project.


$5.99  e-book


$11.95  paperback